Top 3 Kitchen Essentials for the best Christmas

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With the fridge and cupboards packed full to the brim of food, followed by the pressure of perfecting the festive feast, Christmas is the one time of year when the kitchen will be utilised to its full potential. Hosting family and friends can naturally become a stressful time, especially for the chef. However, there are a few kitchen essentials that will help you along the way…

Embrace the latest technology

The oven takes centre stage at Christmas, holding the responsibility to successfully cook a delicious turkey and all the trimmings. The latest ovens on the market are made complete with a realm of high-tech features for stress-free cooking. Multi-function ovens allow you to cover all bases, whether it’s baking, roasting, grilling. You can even achieve gourmet-style with steam cooking or get total accuracy with temperature probes. Having complete control over your oven will ensure the family chef is feeling cool, calm and collected to produce restaurant-worthy servings.

Even the latest in refrigeration technology is essential at Christmas time. Leading brands such as AEG, Bosch and Neff have fridge models that feature an “intelligent cooling” or “coolmatic” function. Following the huge food shop, this function of the refrigerator brings your fresh food down to the optimum storage temperature quickly and efficiently, dramatically impacting on the shelf life and quality of the stored food. Using these features will ensure your leftovers last even longer!


Find a home for the food

With all of the extra festive food taking over the kitchen, effective storage is a must-have. For smaller sized kitchens, it’s important to utilise tall cabinets as floor-to-ceiling cupboards will not only accentuate the height of the room, but will also allow you to hide away those extra items. For a generously-sized kitchen, a great storage solution is a traditional, free-standing larder. Offering a combination of both shelving and drawers behind a set of double doors, you’ll be able to store away any additional ingredients.


Display the drinks

If you’re planning on serving wine or Champagne at Christmas, then it can be tricky to find space in the fridge to keep it cool. A wine cooler is the ultimate kitchen installation, as not only will it create a statement of sophistication, but it can even help the wine to mature correctly. A common misconception is that they can only be used to cool whites and rosé, but red wines can also be stored in wine coolers. Regardless of preference, with this installation, your home will be the place to party this festive season.

The experienced kitchen designers at Optiplan Kitchens will be able to discuss both design elements and recommend appliances that are fit for the perfect Christmas.


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