Weatherproof Winter Wonder

The Supremely Durable AIRLITE Path Lights Illuminate Beautifully

After supplying commercial illuminated bollards to the trade for years with continued success, Northamptonshire lighting specialists Lumena recently added what has become a ‘star attraction’ to their range of path lights. Excited by new innovative designs, and inspired by professional feedback from trusted clients, there was a need for an alternative to heavy-duty bollard lights; something equally as durable but with a unique and decorative illumination.

The Airlite is a must-see and must-feel path light that has the aesthetic of high-grade Stainless Steel, but is in fact crafted from strong 3mm thick ‘Anodised Aluminium’. Specifiers need not worry about the high cost associated with high grade Stainless Steel. For a fraction of the price, this supremely weatherproof, non-corrosive material is designed to withstand the worst weather and coastal environments. In production, a protective layer is formed over the polished surface which lasts indefinitely.

The highly weatherproof  IP65  path light will look great in any size surrounding, from small, modern gardens to smart commercial premises. It has a sturdy fixed base with 4 installation holes. The design itself is contemporary and elegant, the stand out feature being the ‘bubble-effect’ in the solid resin, heavy duty head. This bubble effect looks great in daylight, and beautiful at night when illuminated. It acts as a standard path light and as an uplighter – if placed beneath trees the effect is amazing! LED bulbs are accommodated.

It is available in heights of 400mm or 600mm and diameters of 90mm or 110mm so the option to mount on gate posts or decking is very feasible. There is 240v mains, or 12v plug and play power options meaning full versatility for installer and client.

It’s rare in the 12v Garden Lighting world to find a path light of such high quality, and with 12v, installation couldn’t be easier. The 3m cable supplied is capped with a 2 pin plug which simply plugs directly into a transformer (or splitter if multiple fittings are installed), the transformer plugs into a mains socket and it is ready to go. 12v systems are very versatile and perfectly suited to outdoor settings being of low voltage. The 12v post light accommodates a replaceable LED MR16 which are available in a number of wattages and colours. It is often thought that low voltage lights are not as bright as mains voltage – this is not the case.

Once an LED bulb is in, the use of a removable dichroic coloured lens can create amazing coloured effects. Coloured Dichroic lenses can really enhance the appearance of plants, trees and garden ornaments. Dichroic glass filters operate on a passive-reflective basis, reflecting unused wavelengths while passing wanted portions of the spectrum. They are high in transmission which results in brighter, cleaner, saturated colours, compared to that of a standard plastic lens with colour films which often fade. Their low cost and easy replacement makes experimentation with different colours an interesting prospect at an affordable price. Simply place between the 50mm MR16 / GU10 lamp and exterior glass lens of the fitting, secure with a spring clip and you have a coloured lamp. Change the coloured lens periodically to create eye catching and unique effects; a colour for every season.


There is also a bespoke Photocell dusk to dawn version ideal for security and energy conscious users. The sensor automatically turns the light on when darkness is detected (dusk) and automatically turns off again when it detects light (dawn).

Essex based developers MKing and Sons Ltd specified the Airlite for a midlands customer, and simply says ‘Installation of new Airlite garden lights to replace old existing path lights gave the garden a massive lift with their smart appearance and quality – the customer was so happy with the result!’

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