The transparency of Reflex in the guise of the Arké Classic design

Immagini 3390

After the soft, sinuous lines of Arké Round, the squarer, more rigorous geometries of Arké Classic discover the charms of Reflex: a fresh, luminous and modern material that brings out the best of the contemporary flavour of this series, in all the modular elements available in the Arké range. Bringing a new guise to energy, with selected finishes that are always in step with the times.

Eight shades available, to create combinations that blend into any living context. In particular, completing the Arké colour range, the new shade ivory represents the ideal finish for those preferring warm, neutral shades. For a cover plate that makes its mark, discreetly.

Reflex offers an ideal aesthetic harmony, thanks also to the co-moulding of three different materials, rather than the mechanical assembly of separate parts, thus ensuring a perfect finish that avoids unsightly joints.

In Arké, nothing is left to chance, demonstrating the close attention to detail that is typical of products that are Made in Italy, and which is the hallmark of the whole range. For example, personality and dynamicity are ensured for some finishes by the application of a thin, dark diaphragm that runs around the edge of the cover plate, creating an attractive suspended effect. And the ergonomic, two-way convex buttons make energy control even more pleasant.

Timeless details that are typical of a design that looks to the future, working alongside intelligent technologies offering innovative solutions for all fields of application. Conventional devices, with radio technology, home & building automation systems developed on both the proprietary By-me standard and KNX standard, ensure intuitive control of the whole building, even remotely, guaranteeing energy efficiency, safety and maximum comfort.

Because Arké interprets the most current energy trends simply and tangibly.

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