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Kitchen Specifier is committed to guiding professionals in selling the value of their expertise and services in an industry inundated with ‘do-it-yourselfers’. The monthly magazine provides our audience with the most current information and news about industry issues and trends and remarkable product innovations, arming our readers with the tools to build their professions and successfully run their businesses.

Research has shown that the market for kitchen and bathroom products has been steadily increasing year on year. In 2015 alone, the market surged by 12% reaching a value in excess of £700 million. The Kitchen industry is certainly expanding rapidly and the need for reliable, market-leading content has never been more important to the kitchen professional. Not only this, but staying one step ahead of your competitors is imperative in such a saturated market.

Our magazine is entirely digital, meaning that it not only allows its advertisers to monitor online statistics and process enquiries in real time, but it also allows for the delivery of content across multiple platforms and devices.

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