Liebherr launch CN4315 Fridge-freezer With NEW BluPerformance Technology


Through its continued development, Liebherr further heightens its leading collection of cooling appliances and unveils the CN4315 Fridge-freezer, now available with the new and exclusive BluPerformance technology.


Available in two ranges, Comfort and Premium, BluPerformance is an appliance collection with mass market appeal. The CN4315 Fridge-freezer is taken from Liebherr’s BluPerformance Comfort Range and allows the modern homeowner a highly advanced food storage system with cutting-edge performance.


Liebherr’s pioneering design continues to build momentum with the introduction of its latest technology, BluPerformance. The featured CN4315 Fridge-freezer contains four of the innovative new BluPerformance features; BioCool, NoFrost, DuoCooling and HardLine.


BioCool is an integrated cool box which allows regulation of the humidity level within the fridge compartment so that food keeps fresh for longer. The humidity level in the BioCool box is regulated to keep your fruit and vegetables fresh.


NoFrost system provides rapid, fan-assisted, frost free freezing for the safe, long term storage of food. Creating a much larger storage capacity and keeps the freezer constantly frost-free.


DuoCooling within the CN4315 is a feature that allows accurate and independent temperature control of both fridge and freezer compartments via two separate and adjustable cooling circuits. The two circuits create two single revenues for the air flow from the fridge and freezer so that odours cannot be transferred and the food stored food is prevented from drying out. The device contains a charcoal filter which constantly cleans the circulating air and removes unpleasant odours to guarantee optimum air quality.


HardLine is another Liebherr design exclusive which is part of the BluPerformance family. This new well conceived linear style creates a minimalist and timeless aesthetic whilst ensuring the appliance(s) remain the focal point of the kitchen. This clever new door hinge is fully integrated so as not to detract from the clean lines of the overall appearance. The handle is also ergonomically designed and provides an integrated opening mechanism to ensure a comfortable door opening.


Liebherr BluPerformance Comfort Range

ü       DuoCooling

ü       HardLine design

ü       BioCool food storage box

ü       Charcoal filters

ü       Compressor moved from the back to the base


CN4315 by Liebherr

ü       A*** Energy efficiency

ü       38 dB(A) noise output

ü       Measures H185cm x W60cm x D66.5cm

ü       Total net capacity of 321 litres (Fridge 220 litre/ Freezer 101 litre)


The pictured BluPerformance Fridge Freezer in White (CN4315) is priced at £799+vat with the Black Steel model (CNbs4315) priced at £1,099+vat. Both the White and Black Steel finish are also available with a stainless front (CNef4315) and this design detail starts from £899+vat. For further information about Liebherr and its products, please call 03330 147 888 or visit


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