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Perrin & Rowe

One of the largest manufacturers of authentic kitchen and bathroom products in Great Britain, Perrin & Rowe® offers a curated portfolio of brassware, chinaware and accessories.  Available in a range of styles and finishes to complement traditional and modern spaces, its beautifully crafted, premium products are conceived and produced in Great Britain to ensure a flawless finish and unbeatable performance.  Read on to find out what makes the brand so special.

Designed and Manufactured in Great Britain  

Every Perrin & Rowe® product is designed, engineered and produced in Great Britain using the latest engineering technology and the highest quality raw materials available.  All brassware is carefully hand assembled, individually water tested and packaged at its 55,000ft2 head office in Rainham, Essex before being shipped across the UK and around the globe.  The name of the person that assembled and polished the brassware is included with the product.  Customer services and the research and development team are also based at head office with new product prototypes made on site.

  • In addition to its head office, is its 58,307ft2 facility in Wolverhampton where a highly skilled team uses primarily hands on processes including polishing, plating and casting to create all of the components that go into making Perrin & Rowe® brassware.  In just one week 16,000 individual parts will be polished totaling 750,000 parts per year!
  • 30 miles away from Wolverhampton is the 18,000ft2 Tamworth site where 10 individuals produce the full range of Perrin & Rowe chinaware as well as making the product moulds.  Processes include Clay Mixing, Casting, Glazing and Kiln Placing.
  • Attention to detail and high standards of inspection are key elements for every Perrin & Rowe® site with some components having up to six individual inspections as they pass through the production process.


Perrin & Rowe® truly believes that at the heart of its business is its workforce and is committed to keeping key skillsets in Great Britain.  These include hand glazing, casting, soldering and polishing.  Polishing a product by hand such as a large Deco bathroom spout can take up to an hour due to the intricate level of detail.  An apprentice scheme is in place to help preserve these special skillsets.

Family Run

The managing director of Perrin & Rowe®, Steve Cole is joined by his two sons, David Cole who is the sales director for the company and Philip Cole, contracts manager.  But it doesn’t stop there; across the three Perrin & Rowe sites it is not unusual for couples and family members to work together, including relatives that span different generations.

Premium Materials

Only the highest quality raw materials are used to make Perrin & Rowe® products.  Its taps are machined or cast from brass, shower valves are engineered from solid brass and all white handles are quality Cornish glazed porcelain.  Other highlights include premium ¼ turn ceramic disc valves within taps for faster use and products that are deeply plated for greater longevity and aesthetic appeal.  Perrin & Rowe® brassware include bearing rings and engineering ‘O’ seals on tap handles and spouts to prolong the life of the product, while also delivering a wobble free feel.


Three different styles, Country, Traditional and Contemporary are offered for Perrin & Rowe® kitchen products. While bathroom products are available in Deco, Georgian, Contemporary and Traditional styles.


Perrin & Rowe® offers a curated portfolio of products for the kitchen and bathroom including:


  • Instant Hot
  • Filtration
  • Mixer Taps
  • Hand Rinses
  • Pot Fillers
  • Sinks
  • Accessories such as soap dispensers and levers


  • Filtration
  • Bath Mixers
  • Bath – Shower Mixers
  • Basin Taps
  • Basin Mixers
  • Showers including thermostatic mixers, valves, shower arms, shower roses, handshower and hoses, sliding rails, body sprays and rainbars
  • Chinaware to include basins, pedestals, pans, lavatories and cisterns
  • Accessories such as towel rails, toilet paper holders, towel rings, robe hooks, mirrors and soap dispensers



Perrin & Rowe® brassware is available in a range of finishes, including three standard finishes; Chrome, Nickel and Pewter. These are joined by five special finishes; 24 Carat Gold, English Bronze and living finishes Polished Brass, Satin Brass and new Aged Brass, which will develop a unique patina over time as they react with their environment.

  • Chrome is a highly polished, silver finish with a hint of blue.
  • Nickel is a shiny finish with a golden glow.
  • Perrin & Rowe Pewter is a brushed Nickel finish with a blue-grey, matte appearance that perfectly complements brushed stainless steel sinks and appliances.
  • Polished Brass offers a high quality look, radiating a warm finish with coppery undertones. Living finish.
  • Satin Brass has strong undertones of yellow ochre, giving a more matte look to the Polished Brass finish. Living finish.
  • Aged Brass (Kitchen Only) is a darker finish with a tarnished, aged look. Living finish.
  • Gold is plated with 24 Carat gold and is pure yellow in colour, with a natural golden glow and high shine.
  • English Bronze is a rich metallic brown finish with subtle notes of orange and copper. Typically defined as antique.


Not only is the Perrin & Rowe® brand selected for use in private residences, it is also specified for the most luxurious hotels, resorts and spas around the world.  Projects include the Corinthia Hotel in London, Chewton Glen in Hampshire, Gleneagles in Scotland, Sandy Lane in Barbados, Taj Lake Palace in India, Lilianfels Resort and Spa in Australia and Dolphin Island in Fiji.

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